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$1,299 Veneers

Veneers are the right choice for a person whose teeth may be short, crooked, or badly stained. Really, if your teeth are anything less than perfect, veneers will help. They are also a much faster fix than braces for straightening teeth, and you get the advantage of customizing your teeth to your wishes, for sometimes less money than braces.


Totally Free Whitening

Totally Free Whitening is what separates Mint from all other dentists. If you have PPO insurance, we will whiten your teeth for free. No exams, x-rays or cleaning involved. Just white teeth. Free. We’ll take a mold of your teeth, then in a couple of hours later, you can pick up your trays with free tubes of dental whitening gel. You can become at least seven shades whiter in about a week using them just 30 minutes a day. Just because our whitening is free doesn’t make it low quality. Dental trays with whitening gel are the safest, most effective, pain-free method of teeth whitening today. Our whitening gel comes in various strengths so you can choose the one right for you. And again, it’s totally free.