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Family Dentistry

Every day Mint dentists are repairing chipped teeth of young soccer players, installing implants and bridges on baby boomers, showing young moms best oral hygiene practices for their five year olds, and creating fantastic new smiles for thirty-something executives. Every dentist your family needs is right here!

Mint Kids

It’s never too young to for your kids to join Mint kids! When they roll into the door, we’ll give them an iPad already loaded with great kids games to keep them busy. We suggest you bring them in when they are about 18-months old. A Mint doctor who knows about kids’ teeth will examine them and talk to you about what if any dental work should be done now. Unless it’s an overbite or something structural, generally we’ll load them up with a bunch of swag and give you instructions about the best way to care for twenty teeth that will soon disappear. No worries! They’ll have 28 new teeth by the time they are 17, then four more teeth (their wisdom teeth) will grow by age 25.